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The Amish are famous for their natural Home Remedies and Back to Earth approach to living. We were born and raised in the Amish culture. We grew up using many of these Old Fashioned Home Remedies.  Some of the Amish home remedies that we post are based on superstitions and may have absolutely no useful value, but we thought you may find them entertaining. We realize that the Amish are not the only people who have used home remedies over the years. Therefore we will publish also home remedies from some of our “Non Amish” friends in our posts.

Notice! We are not a substitute for your family physician! We do not have the training or the expertise to advise you how to treat any condition or ailment.  If you have an illness or condition that requires your physians diagnosis or treatment, please see your family physician.  THIS INFORMATION IS PROVIDED FOR ENTERTAINMENT  PURPOSES ONLY.