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New Chemical Activates "Low Calorie" Gene

New Chemical Activates “Low Calorie” Gene & Increases Lifespan?

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What You Should Know About Olive Leaf For Cold Relief!

What You Should Know About Olive Leaf For Cold Relief!
By Jenny Patterson

Did you know, that olive leaf extract can actually be used to help relieve any cold or flu symptoms that you may be experiencing? It is amazing how many traditional remedies can be over looked in these modern times, and using olive leaf for cold relief if no exception.

It can be used for a whole range of maladies, and has many medicinal uses. This even includes the prevention of serious conditions like diabetes, and surprisingly heart disease. If taken as a prevention method, it can be quite beneficial to your overall health.

As I have previously stated, olive leaf for cold, and even for flu is a traditional remedy, but one that really works. Nowadays, the extract can be used as a health supplement and comes in two forms; liquid form, and a capsule form.

This is pretty good, because it means everyone can actually take it. Even if you find it difficult to swallow tablets, there is a liquid form available for you to take.

The way taking olive leaf for flu, and indeed for a cold works, is that it actually destroys any invading pathogens that may be present, and with colds and flu, and invasion of pathogens is inevitable. It also destroys fungi, and any bacteria that may be present and therefore intending to cause your body some kind of harm.

It finally manages to put a stop to the virus replicating, and therefore prevent and spread of infection. This makes it olive leaf for cold, flu, sore throats and even cold sores a great choice!

One thing I would point out though, is that taking the extract is not an actual cure, but is a prevention method that you can take, in order to protect yourself from the cold and flu and various other maladies.

Now, although olive leaf for cold and quite frankly olive leaf for flu is a really good idea, it does of course come with some side effects that you need to be aware of. The main side effect is Herxheimers reaction which is the release of toxins within the body as invading pathogens are killed.

Symptoms include, nausea, fever and muscular pain. These are usually harmless, but in some cases as with everything, can be severe, so contact a doctor if your symptoms do seem to be severe.

Before using olive leaf for flu if you are pregnant, or even if you are breast feeding, please consult with your doctor to ensure that you will be safe to take it.

Jenny Patterson is a keen advocate of using natural products to promote health and wellbeing for the whole body. She regularly writes specifically for women and comments on both health and beauty issues. She is editor of http://www.easyhealthyskin.com and uses the products recommended regularly.

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How to Overcome Dandruff and Other Scalp Disorders

Find the answers you’ve been looking for to control the problem so it never creates another humiliating experience.  Here’s a sample of what you can learn:

  • How to recognize and identify dandruff
  • Discover what causes dandruff
  • How to dispel some myths about it
  • What doctors recommend
  • General cure for mild dandruff
  • How to prepare home remedies
  • Nutritional therapy
  • What herbs and supplements are available for treatment
  • Review over the counter options
  • How to treat severe cases
  • Other useful tips and guidelines

Did you know that 50,000,000 people spend $300,000,000 each year trying to control the problem?  It’s true.

But you have an opportunity to learn the cause, how to treat it, and it sure isn’t going to cost you $300,000,000.  In fact, your copy of this guide will probably cost less than the last bottle of stuff you wasted good money on!

Don’t let another embarrassing incident undermine your self image and leave you feeling helpless and hopeless.  Take back control today!  You have nothing to lose except telltale tracks on your shoulders!

Learn More…

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Warm Your Cold Hands

Here is a tip from my wife’s family. She grew up in Wisconsin where it gets extremely cold in the winter time. Of course in a cold climate like that one gets cold hands and feet. Her family would rub their freezing hands (or feet) with rubbing alcohol. Just keep rubbing more alcohol into your skin until they feel warm again.

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Kerosene For Puncture Wounds

While growing up on an Amish farm, we would go barefoot from Spring to Fall. We did not wear shoes unless it was too cold or in some cases when the farm chores were considered too dangerous. Invariably one of us kids (there were 8  of us) would step on a nail or another sharp object. Whenever that happened, my mother would quickly get a bowl that was big enough for the foot or hand to fit in and put enough kerosene (yes, kerosene)  in to cover the wound. It would stop the bleeding and  soothe the pain. We would soak the wound in kerosene for 15-20 minutes then bandage it with an ointment.It was also believed that the kerosene would keep infection from setting in.

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